Vision & Mission


The IQAC envisions a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement that enhances thequality of teaching and learning, research, and community engagement, and that fosters a culture ofacademic and research integrity.


The mission is to facilitate the development and implementation of quality assurance mechanisms that promote excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of institutional functioning. The IQAC works towards achieving this mission through:

  • Developing and implementing policies, programs, and initiatives that promote quality enhancement and continuous improvement.
  • Creating a culture of academic and research integrity that values honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Developing partnerships with industries, businesses, and other organizations to enhance the employability and career readiness of students.
  • Engaging with the community and addressing societal issues and challenges through research, innovation, and community engagement.
  • Facilitating the preparation and submission of quality assurance reports to regulatory bodies such as NAAC, NIRF, ARIA, etc.,