M.Sc Zoology


The Department of Zoology was established in 1976. Subsequently, M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes were started in 1979, 1984 and 2001 respectively.
The faculty members of the Department have been the Chairpersons and members of the Board of Studies in Periyar University and Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem.
The Faculty members have also acted as members of the Inspection Committee for various Colleges.
The faculty members have published around 65 papers in various Journals, Book chapters and Magazines and 10 books.
Few faculty members are members of the Editorial board of various Journals.
The Department has produced around 100 M.Phil scholars and 3 Ph.D scholars.
To enhance the research activity, our Department has organised a National Level Conference.

  • Many of our students have participated in Seminars and Conferences and received awards for best paper presentations.
  • Our students have brought credit to the Department and College by producing 39 University Ranks.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Understood the nature and basic concepts of cell biology, genetics, taxonomy, physiology, ecology and applied Zoology.
  • Subjects such as invasive or endangered species, embryonic development in mammals and ageing in social insects, lead to advances in medicine to prevent disease amongst both animals and human beings.
  • Developed knowledge on living organisms at several levels of Zoological and Biological organization from the molecular, through cells to whole organisms and ecosystems of evolutionary perspectives.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • Students gain knowledge and skill in the fundamentals of animal sciences, understand the complex interactions among various living organisms.
  • Analyze complex interactions among the various animals of different phyla, their distribution and their relationship with the environment.
  • Apply the knowledge of internal structure of cell and its functions in control of various metabolic functions of organisms.
  • Understands the complex evolutionary processes and behaviour of animals.
  • Correlates the physiological processes of animals and relationship of organ systems.